Video Solutions for Success
The Perfect Fusion of Technology and Art

Founded in 2023, our boutique AI Video Art Studio is a blend of our rich experience in innovative IT solutions and a love for merging business with art. Specializing in Video Solutions, we leverage cutting-edge AI technology and skilled video professionals to bring our vision to life. We create stunning, authentic videos tailored to each client’s unique needs, including AI-powered video, 2D/3D animation and motion graphics.


In our boutique AI Studio, quality trumps quantity. We pay close attention to detail and seamlessly blend technology, design, and marketing. Capturing your brand’s essence through video storytelling is crucial to us. Therefore, our expertise in Video Solutions ensures impactful, lasting results that serve as powerful tools for business success.


We’re committed to excellence and deeply knowledgeable about the industry. This makes us your reliable partner for harnessing artificial intelligence to boost your brand. Together, we’ll push creative boundaries, redefine video production, and tap into the unmatched power of advanced visual storytelling.

INTEG AI Video Solutions as a tools for business

Jeni Bobovnikov

Founder of 1INTEG AI Video Studio


Jeni Bobovnikov, the founder of INTEG AI Video Studio, brings her deep passion for blending art and innovative technology to the forefront. Her ultimate goal is to revolutionize storytelling by integrating advanced AI technology with creative expertise. The result is impactful and captivating video solutions  that resonates with audiences worldwide.

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